The Institute for Community Inclusion

COVID-19 Publications and Resources

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, day and employment service providers, people with disabilities and family members have had to quickly adjust to changes in how services and supports are provided. The publications and resources provided here have been developed to help guide professionals, individuals, and families through this challenging time as we develop new approaches to providing day and employment services and supporting community life engagement.

During this time, we are all learning how to best support the people we serve. We welcome your feedback and ideas as we all work together to provide services that help people to continue to work towards their goals while staying safe and healthy.

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Day and Employment Services Publications

ICI’s Think College initiative also has up-to-date resources to support students with intellectual disabilities as they learn, work, and live in the time of COVID-19.

For further information on ICI’s efforts regarding COVID-19, contact David Hoff